Hosting & WordPress Management

You have a WordPress website that looks great – and functions perfectly. You’ve obviously made a wise investment. Yet this invaluable asset in your marketing arsenal may well be being neglected.

Backups, patches and plugin upgrades – if this stuff sounds boring to you, then you haven’t (as yet) been met with the dreaded white page of WordPress doom (which sounds exactly as it is – nothing but a vast, white web site page in place of your once beautiful website).

Thankfully there’s nothing that excites our team of WordPress know-it-alls quite like patches and upgrades – and they haven’t lost a website yet.

Common shared hosting – about as cheery as a traffic jam on the M25

Common shared hosting – it’s cheap and cheerful, right? And besides, just how large a server do you need, anyway?

Yet common shared hosting is exactly that – a server shared between hundreds.

Now picture this: it’s the midst of summer, middle of a heat wave, and you’re stuck on the M25 at rush hour – you’re not going anywhere fast. This is the exact same situation that can come about when you choose shared hosting.

Every car is a customer, and at the end of the motorway is the server that contains all of those customers’ websites. For you, this means that when every man and his dog is on the information super highway, and your website can come to a grinding halt. This isn’t just bad business – it’s a matter of lost customers and, potentially, lost reputation – after all – who wants to be served up with a “HTTP status code was not 200 (403) [-32300]” (etc.) page?

Not your website visitors, that’s for sure.

Our hosting and WordPress Management services is just £250. No more, no less, no sneaky charges, no hidden fees.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Our Customers Say

  • Adrian at Alphaweb Services has been outstanding for us and ensured attention to detail was followed throughout the build. We could not be happier with the finished product and are already planning for him to build another website for us.

    --- Gareth, Bulldog Digital Media ---

  • We have been using AlphaWeb now for a few years on our multiple sites. Adrian has always reacted swiftly to our needs recovering our sites from hacks and then reinforcing our security. We have yet to be able to "trip him up" with our scripting requirements. He has never failed us yet! The statement "we cannot recommend him highly enough" is well deserved!

    --- Matt Black, FleetDive ---

  • I've worked with Adrian for several years now and he has provided first class service and great site development work. Adrian's "can do" attitude is refreshing amongst the development community. I would highly recommend Adrian for WordPress development.

    --- Alan Tomkins, MD Alpha Tango ---